Flight Details

If you’ve booked a Flycruise package with us, we’ll send your flight details as soon as they become available. Please note that we cannot book flights outside of 10 months. Your flight information will appear on your Confirmation Invoice and within your Guest Ticket Booklet (e-doc). If your invoice does not yet show your flight details, you will be sent a revised one closer to your sailing date once flights have been assigned.

If you booked via a Travel Agent, they will send your flight details directly to you.

Flight Booking Reference

Your Flight Booking Reference(s) can be found in the Flight Information section of your invoice, or the Air Arrangements section of your Guest Ticket Booklet (e-doc). There are two types of flight booking references (which are sometimes identical):

Carrier Reference: This reference can be quoted when contacting your airline.
Record Reference: This reference can be used to log into www.checkmytrip.com* to view your flight itinerary.

If you want to save time at the airport and check in online before your flight, you can do this using the Carrier Reference.

*Please note that in some circumstances you will be unable to access your flight booking online. This could be because your flight is part of a group allocation which will not allow you to view the booking details for individual passengers due to data protection.
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Flight Departure Times and Airline Details

You can also view your flight number, departure and arrival times and the airline with whom you are travelling in the Travel Arrangements section of your invoice (or the Air Arrangements section of your Guest Ticket Booklet).

Don’t worry if this information is not yet available, you will be sent a revised one closer to your sailing date once flights have been assigned. Please note that if we have not been provided with the full passport details for all guests on your booking this can be delayed until as close as 30 days from sailing date.

If you want to pre-book your seats or check your flight terminal information, please contact your airline directly as we are unable to provide this information.
Flight Departures

Advanced Passenger Information (APIS)

Before you can travel, you’ll need to provide passport details (APIS) for yourself and any guests travelling with you. This is a government legislation requiring every passenger travelling by air or sea to another country to provide mandatory passport details before they depart. Failure to supply this information could result in your booking being refused so we strongly recommend that you provide these details as soon as possible after booking to avoid disappointment. Completing this information will also enable us to issue flight tickets on all fly/cruise guests as quickly as possible.

You'll need to provide the following details so make sure you have them to hand:
  • Passport number
  • Country of Issue 
  • Passport expiry date 
  • Full names (as they appear on passport, including middle names)
  • Gender 
  • Date of birth 
  • Nationality
Please note that this is a mandatory requirement and we are unable to issue any flights without this information so it is important that you provide this as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is by completing our Online Check In process which you will find on the Overview page of our My Cruises tool . You'll need your surname, booking reservation number, ship and sail date to log in, click here to begin. Alternatively, you can email these details to us, along with your booking reference to: customerserviceuk@rccl.com

Luggage Allowance

We strongly recommend that you check with your airline directly for confirmation of your luggage allowance as this can vary from airline to airline and excess luggage fees may apply. As a guideline, most airlines impose a maximum luggage allowance of around 20-23kgs but there are some exceptions.

Please note that the luggage allowances do not vary depending on the cruise, it is a ruling set by the airline and is subject to change so it is always best to check directly with them.

For information about the luggage allowance onboard, click here
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions regarding your flycruise package, check out our FAQ pages by clicking here.