Onboard Gratuities

How can I pay tips?
For the convenience of guests, pre-paid tips may be arranged online or added to your booking by your travel agent or Personal Cruise Specialist, before your sailing date. If you have opted not to pre-pay your Service Charge before your cruise, then for all sailings that commence after 1st May 2016, for your convenience we will automatically add a $13.50 per guest per day* service charge to each guest's SeaPass account on a daily basis. * For Grand Suites and above the daily charge will be $16.50. Alternatively, you may pay in cash at the end of your cruise directly to the crew members you wish to recognise for their service (If you require an envelope for the crew member concerned, please see the Guest Relations Desk).
Please note, we no longer provide the pre-paid gratuity vouchers at the end of the cruise.

Please note gratuities are discretionary so in the unlikely event that a guest on board being charged the daily automatic gratuity does not receive satisfactory service, our guests may request to modify (increase, decrease or remove) the daily amount by visiting Guest Services during their cruise.
How does the Royal Caribbean suggested daily tip compare to their competitors?
Our recommendations put us in line with our competitors. Our suggested daily totals are in the middle range when compared to competitors' suggestions.
What are the benefits of Pre-Paid Gratuities/Service Charges?
The benefits of pre-paying service charges:

When you pre-pay the gratuities as part of your booking, it is normally cheaper than paying in USD when you are onboard

Pre-paying service charges gives you peace of mind making the process seamless for when you get on board.

Avoid fluctuating exchange rates onboard

Helps the guest plan their holiday budget in advance
Gratuities are payable in US dollars on board. If you pre-pay you don’t have to take extra cash on board or any additional foreign currency.
Please note, as of June 2012, we no longer provide the pre-paid gratuity vouchers for the guest to give to the appropriate crew member on the last evening of the cruise. Please be assured though that the crew will be aware that you have paid your gratuities.

Pre paying your service charge allows you to take advantage of our flexible dining option; My Time Dining. Please see the link below for further details of this option.

Will you be adjusting the tips for bar, wine and beverage services?
No. The tip will still be 18%, automatically added to your bar/beverage bill.
What are the guidelines for tipping onboard?
The guidelines for tipping on board are: For guests in a Grand suite or above it is advised to be $16.50 per guest per day. For guests in a Junior suite or a Stateroom it is advised to be $13.50 per guest per day.

Tips are voluntary and at the discretion of each guest. These guidelines serve as suggestions to help guests express their gratitude for the outstanding service they experience on their Royal Caribbean cruise holiday. Tips for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 18% gratuity will automatically be added to your bar bill or wine bill when you are served and for services in the Spa or Salon.
What are the guidelines on tips for the tour section of a cruisetour?
To thank those who served you well, we generally suggest the following guidelines:

Tour Director:  USD 3.00 (or CAD/EUR equivalent) a day per guest
Coach Driver:  USD 2.50 (or CAD/EUR equivalent) a day per guest
Train Carriage Host:  USD 1.00 (or CAD/EUR equivalent) a day per guest
Waiting Staff:  USD 2.50 (or CAD/EUR equivalent) a day per guest