Air Travel

What is my luggage allowance?
Are transfers included in my booking?
What if my flight is delayed?
What do I do if bad weather or an unusual event in the UK prevents me from getting to my pre-cruise flight or the ship?
What are the benefits of reserving my air arrangements through Royal Caribbean?
Why do some cruises require a mandatory one night pre stay before the cruise?
When will I receive my flight details?
What are the flight booking references?
I am travelling as part of a group, will we all be on the same flights?
How does Royal Caribbean notify Travel Agents/Guests of flight schedule changes?
How much will I have to pay to change a name on or cancel my flights booked through Royal Caribbean?
How far in advance are flight itineraries available?
Am I protected if I book a cruise only package and flights separately?
Can I pre-book my flight seats through Royal Caribbean?
What if I'm not happy with my Royal Caribbean air arrangements?
Can I add flights onto a booking which is already confirmed as a Cruise Only package?
Can I get one-way air transport?
Can I tailor-make my flight arrangements to include stopovers, different dates or destinations, and upgraded seats?
Are there any price discounts for children?
Do I need a separate seat for my infant?
Can I use frequent flyer miles to upgrade my seat?