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An amazing mixture of international islands and exotic sights will leave you in awe on the South Pacific cruises.  Explore the islands in style while taking shore excursions to locations such as Champagne Bay, Vanuatu, or the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. In multi-national Oceania, you can experience just about any culture and dine on a range of cuisines.

Discover the rich history of French Polynesia then pull up a sunbed and unwind on the breath-taking beaches of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Papeete. Lose yourself on the island of Hawaii and learn stories of their folklore. Alternatively, venture to New Caledonia where you can gaze at diverse wildlife, dance along to Kaneka music or admire the stylish totem poles. On our cruises you'll see these spectacular islands in luxury and style. An inviting blend of culture and relaxation is waiting. Read more about the highlights of Royal Caribbean's Oceania and South Pacific cruises below...

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Oceania and South Pacific Cruise Highlights

Lifou – Loyalty Island

As the capital of the Loyalty Islands, Lifou is a timeless paradise. With Its mixed heritage and sporting adventures, this is more than just an exotic beach. Be sure to try the lobster wrapped in banana leaves and deep sea fishing excursions.


Isle of Pines – New Caledonia

The Isle of Pines is known for its no-stress approach and unhurried way of life. Giving you the opportunity to take relaxing walks, snorkel in the sea and recline on white sandy beaches. While you are there, you can forget your worries and let the island take over.

isle of pines

Champagne Bay – Vanuatu

Famous for its sun-kissed waters and coconut trees, Champagne Bay is one of the world's finest tropical destinations. Located close to the Espiritu Santo, it remains largely untouched, making it feel like your own personal paradise.

champagne bay

Papeete – Tahiti

Papeete, Tahiti, instantly evokes images of an island paradise. With clear blue waters and long sandy beaches, this haven for beauty and elegance is ready to welcome you with open arms. Embrace them and you will soon find yourself immersed in earthly delights.


French Polynesia

Luxury beaches, amazing scenery and mesmerising aqua lagoons make up French Polynesia. However, it is not just a place for relaxation. Discover your inner adventurer with snorkelling, horseback riding and all-terrain vehicle tours. Finish an action-packed day, or a relaxing break, with a taste of local flavour including freshly picked fruit and chichi cafes.

Bora Bora – Explore the romantic capital of French Polynesia. As a top honeymooning destination you can embrace your romantic side on Bora Bora's silky white sands and take in the views from Mount Otemanu.
Tahiti – With style and elegance, Tahiti has it all. Its vibrant markets and colourful waterfronts inspired some of the greatest writers and they are ready to inspire you.
french polynesia


With 83 idyllic islands making up this remarkable archipelago, Vanuatu is one of the best locations in the cruising world. You will see long stretches of golden beaches, clear blue seas and picturesque waterfalls. However, Vanuatu can also surprise. With shopping ports and WWII history there is a little something for everyone.

Vila – Diving is one of Vila's obsessions, and it is no surprise when you see plenty of underwater wrecks and deep-sea grottos. If you are not much of a swimmer, why not try an amazing flight over Port Vila?
Luganville – Known as the second largest town on Vanuatu and boasting volcanic origin, Luganville is a remarkable destination. Rich in history with 3,000 years of immigration and over 100 different languages there is nowhere quite like it.