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What makes Rhapsody of the Seas® so special

By JoMonday 22nd January 2018

Rhapsody of the Seas sails to all corners of the world, taking her passengers to the most extraordinary destinations. We chatted to the crew of this iconic ship, to find out what life is like onboard, and how it all works behind the curtain.

Activities and entertainment onboard Rhapsody of the Seas

Going on a cruise means you get to be submerged into different destinations and cultures across the world. But, you also get to travel on Rhapsody of the Seas, a ship that’s all about having fun. The people in charge of all the amazing things to do onboard are Dani Dornas and Patricio Honores, the activities manager and the entertainment manager. Arturo Encalada is also a super staff who makes sure all younger ones in the kids’ club is having fun.

Activities onboard Rhapsody

As Activities Manager, it is Dani’s role onboard to make sure that there are always fun activities to do. For the younger passengers, the Adventure Ocean Kids Clubs always have fun (and occasionally, messy) activities. It’s not just the younger generations that we cater to. Dani thinks that the best activities for older passengers are the array of classes that you can take part in. Our arts and crafts classes include jewellery making, scrapbooking and fun quizzes- so get your pub team ready! Of course, Rhapsody is designed for everyone to have an extraordinary time onboard. If you are a little more active, and want to spend the days at sea moving around, then you can get involved in the sports teams and take part in the dance classes, perfecting your ballroom skills. You can also put your brainpower to the test, and join in our trivia quizzes and games. In fact, hosting a game show in the Centrum was Dani’s favourite memory onboard the ship. Dani loved seeing the smiling, joyful faces of the passengers onboard.

Entertainment onboard Rhapsody

After a long and exciting day getting involved in all the activities, when night falls you will understandably want to sit back, relax and be entertained. In which case, Patricio has some great info that will make those evenings fly by. Patricio believes that it is the high standard of entertainment that makes the evenings fly by, and sets us apart from the competition. If you are travelling as a family, then any one of the plays or comedy shows that are performed in our theatre are just what you need for a great night out. It’s not just shows onboard Rhapsody. There are also lots of parties that guarantee everyone onboard will have the most amazing time. The kid’s clubs host parties for our younger passengers, and the grownups can have their own fun at our parties that go on into the night. Because there is just so much to see onboard, Patricio recommends keeping a Cruise Compass on hand, so that you don’t miss out on anything you really want to take part in.

Adventure Ocean Staff

As our kid’s clubs are so important, we wanted to chat to Arturo Encalada, one of our super Adventure Ocean staff. Our crew members work really hard to make the Adventure Ocean clubs a home from home for the kids. Arturo says his favourite memory onboard was when a five year old girl excitedly exclaimed ‘home sweet home!’ when she arrived back at the club. With so many exciting activities to get up to at the club, it’s no wonder she was so happy there. There are exciting science experiments, like making a volcano erupt, all the video games you can play with, and lots of sports and games to get involved in. The kids get a chance to meet new friends from all over the world, and learn more about different cultures and countries. Our clubs are designed for children of all ages; we look after babies and toddlers, right the way up to teenagers. Of course, our kid’s clubs are designed so the kids have the best time possible onboard. But, the clubs are there to help the parents out too. If you fancy having an evening to yourselves (maybe at the casino) you can be assured that your children will be well looked after by the Adventure Ocean staff.

Food & Beverage Director

One of the most enticing reasons to sail away on a cruise is the delicious restaurants that await you onboard. You can dine on succulent steaks from Chops Grille, hand crafted sushi at Izumi and indulgent Italian dishes at Giovanni’s Table. Antonio Mendes, the food and beverage director is passionate about the food that is served onboard, and has a particular fondness for Izumi and its delicious Asian flavours. All the ingredients onboard are sourced by local and international suppliers, and dishes must go through an extensive process before they are approved to be served onboard Rhapsody of the Seas. As he travels all over the world, Antonio has had the opportunity to try many different, delicious cuisines. He hails from Portugal, and so is naturally partial to the flavours of the Mediterranean and southern Europe. But from his travels, he has become partial to the tastes of Asia. Although, maybe it was Izumi that turned him! If you are travelling with little ones (or big ones) who have a tendency to be a little fussy, then don’t worry. Antonio has ensured us that the waiters and chefs are able to handle all dietary requirements, and tasty children’s menus are available so the whole family can dine together.
Sailing on Rhapsody is one of the best ways to see the world. Join us on your next holiday, and travel in style.

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