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The Royal Genie Treatment

By DavidTuesday 17th May 2016

Onboard party planning made easy… with Royal Genies.

How would you define luxury? As described by our Royal Genie Services Lead, Ellis Von Cannon, "luxury is never having to ask". Taking luxury to the next level, the newly-added, one-of-a-kind Royal Genie service is now available to Star Class guests. This unique tailor-made Suite Class experience includes party planning, restaurant and entertainment reservations, in-room dining and personal shopping. Your Royal Genie is the ultimate insider and they'll go above and beyond to attend to your every need and desire. Read on to find out more about this personalised concierge service.

What’s it like to start working on a ship?

I feel so excited to be here! I’ve never worked at a place this big before, I’m used to boutique hotels (that’s my background). The first time I ever went on a cruise ship was only a few months ago and I fell in love with it immediately. All the fears I had about sailing – I thought I’d feel like I was trapped and that I’d see the same people all the time – none of that was true. I had a good time and I really enjoyed it. I was also able to see the amazing team we’ve created and how the Genies are going to perform and make magic happen.

What is the role of the Genies?

I’ve always seen the role of the Genie as the go-between. If you, as a guest, need anything – more towels, a gin and tonic, help getting to a shore excursion – you can come to the Genie. Then, through my connections on the ship, I would make that happen as smoothly as possible, with as little friction on your end as possible. Getting onboard, getting to shore excursions, preferred seating in theatres, dining preferences; the Genies will facilitate all of these things. The last thing that anyone wants to do on vacation is queue up for 45 minutes for something, and with the Royal Genie services you’ll never have to do that. Our Royal Genies will help you have the holiday of a lifetime.

What training have the Genies been through?

They’ve gone through training with Gary Williams, the principal of the British Butler Institute. He talked about how to elevate our service, everything from pouring a bottle of water to handing someone a pen and how to pack a suitcase. So we’ll have all of these services at our disposal in the event that the Genie deems it necessary to elevate an experience. When Gary left, some of the other guest service managers and I took over and really Genie-fied that process. We took the skills we learned and transformed them into what we do here at Royal Caribbean. We were looking at attention to detail and areas to surprise and delight. It helps that we’ve got some amazing people on our team. They can take it up a notch. It’s just about saying, “we’re here and we care about you.”

Will the Genies be able to fulfil any and every request?

With the team that we have, I feel confident we’ll be able to handle any request. Obviously, we have boundaries, legal and ethical requirements we have to maintain, and safety always comes first. I would say, as long as there’s not a safety issue, we’ll get the go-ahead to make magic happen. Some wishes we’ll be able to grant immediately, while some may take a little longer, but as long as it’s not illegal or unethical, the answer will be yes. We’ve done a lot of preparation for this and we’re curious to see what kind of requests we’re going to get. Your Royal Genie will always be there to help.

How will Genies fulfil the “luxury is never having to ask” mantra?

We send out a questionnaire about 6 weeks before guests board so that we know as much about them as possible. If they like green M&Ms and Dr Pepper, for example, we’ll make sure we have them waiting in their room when they arrive. Also, one of the things I discovered about being on a Royal Caribbean ship is that the staff come from all over the world. So if I’ve got a guest coming from Mauritius, I can go to one of my Mauritian ship associates and ask them “do you have cultures or customs I should be aware of? Is there anything you do that I don’t do?” Then I can surprise and delight the guest by delivering that type of custom, without them having to ask.

How is the service different to that of a hotel?

I feel certain that the Royal Genies will exceed the service of a hotel. The area that they’re going to exceed the most in is their authenticity. There’s going to be a truth of service that these Genies deliver, a service that’s real and genuine. They’ll also have the tools they’ve learnt from Gary through the British Butler Institute. It’s about the details, but it’s going to be service from the heart.

Experience the Royal Genie service

The Royal Genie service is available for guests in Star Class, as part of Royal Suite Class. So what are you waiting for? Make your next Royal Caribbean cruise extra special.

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It is easy to stay up to date with Royal Caribbean. Sign up to our emails for all the latest news, offers and competitions

You can unsubscribe at any time. To find out how and to see how we may use your information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

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