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Wildlife in the Caribbean

By HarryFriday 13th June 2014

Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle

If your family are planning a cruise holiday to the Caribbean, you’re in for a treat. With endless blue skies, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it‘s paradise on earth. Not to mention the colourful wildlife you’ll find! If your kids love animals as much as we do here at Royal Caribbean, they’ll have a great time spotting tropical fish whilst snorkelling, looking out for exotic birds in the trees, and maybe even catching a glimpse of some of the shier local fauna! Look out for some of the beautiful creatures featured here in this guide to wildlife in the Caribbean – how many animals will you spot?

Under the Sea

Don’t forget to pack a snorkel when you’re heading to the beach, as there is a whole other world waiting to be discovered beneath the waves. Now, you may not see any mermaids or singing crabs, but what lies beneath will not disappoint! Prepare to be dazzled by schools of gem-coloured fish, such as the Queen Angelfish with its luminous blue stripes, the bright yellow French Grunt, and the beautifully spotted Yellowtail Damselfish.

Bottlenose Dolphins Bottlenose Dolphins

You can even see graceful Green Sea Turtles and Loggerhead Sea Turtles gliding effortlessly through the water, looking for a snack of kelp amongst the reefs. Another favourite to look out for is the Bottlenose Dolphin. These friendly marine mammals can often be seen jumping out of the water and playing amongst the waves.

On Dry Land

If your plans involve staying on more solid ground, weird and wonderful creatures can be found everywhere, just waiting for you to discover them. There are many exciting shore excursions to choose from on a Royal Caribbean cruise, some of which include treks into the jungle! Whilst you’re cutting a path through the undergrowth, why not try to see how many colourful frogs you and your kids can identify; if you’re having trouble spotting them, try listening for them instead, as several species have very distinctive calls, particularly the noisy, whistling Coquí.

Howler Monkeys Howler Monkeys

Higher up in the canopy, you are likely to see many more fascinating animals. If you can hear a loud noise that sounds a little like barking, chances are there’s a family of Howler Monkeys above you, which are some of the noisiest animals on earth! But still, chances are slim of them waking up their sleepy neighbours, the Three-Toed Sloths, which have been known to sleep up to 20 hours a day – hopefully you’ll manage to catch a glimpse of one between naps!

Three-Toed Sloth Three-Toed Sloth

Up in the Air

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or have only a passing interest in our feathered friends, you will no doubt be amazed, so maintain a close watch of the skies. There are literally hundreds of species to spot, including a variety of parrots, like the bright green Hispaniolan Parrot or the endemic Saint Lucia Parrot with its multi-coloured feathers.

Jamaican Tody Jamaican Tody

If Jamaica is one of the destinations you’re sailing to, keep an eye out for the native Jamaican Tody. It may only be small but it is certainly distinctive, with its vivid red throat and contrasting green plumage, and its incredibly loud call. You may also get the chance to see beautiful pink flamingos in their natural habitat, which are common all over the Caribbean.

Caribbean Flamingo Caribbean Flamingo

Go Wild!

Let us know where you’re heading on your next Caribbean cruise, and keep us updated with all the beautiful animals you spot!


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