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The best destinations for couples

By HarryTuesday 09th January 2018

What makes a destination romantic? Is it the legacy, like Paris? Or the relaxing way time seems to slowly drift along, like in Barbados? Wherever your dream romantic destination is, we can sail you there.

Paris: The traditional romantic

The king of all romantic destinations, Paris is where a million love stories have started. It’s hard to see how you couldn’t be seduced by the charm of the French capital. It doesn’t matter which version you fall for; the classic, film-like Paris, where you wander the Champs Elysees, climb the Eiffel Tower and enjoy five-star dining. Or the quirky Paris, where you seek out small bars on the side streets, and swap the famous attractions for small bookshops and flea markets. Paris is one of those special cities that is dreamy to visit, no matter what the season is. In the winter months, you can cuddle up in one of the many cafes, warming up with a chocolat chaud. In the summer, the riverbank of the Seine comes alive. The light evenings draw music and dancing, with couples perfecting their waltz, salsa and tango late into the night.

Amsterdam: The hipster romantic

Although Paris does have its fair share of trendy, underground bars, Amsterdam is the place for those looking for a modern and trendy destination. Famous for its canals twisting their way through the cosy city as well as the hip design scene, it might not be your first thought when it comes to romantic destinations. However, there are so many different quirky activities you can do as a couple in Amsterdam, that you will be shocked you didn’t think of it sooner. At the Ton Ton Club, you can let out your competitive side playing on their vintage arcade games. If you’re a cool couple that don’t mind embracing the cheesy romantic activities, then this is the perfect time to take on the classic Dutch hobby of cycling. On a bicycle made for two, go on an adventure exploring the city. If you don’t think you can handle a tandem though, a regular bike each is just as lovely.

Barbados: The relaxed romantic

If instead of exploring a new city like Amsterdam, you would rather spend your romantic break relaxing with your partner on a beach paradise, then Barbados is the one for you. This sunny island is famed for its engrossing beaches and cheerful, chilled out attitude. In our daily lives, we are so busy and rushed off our feet, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to just be peaceful, quiet and switched off. In Barbados, this is the everyday way of life. Once you’ve had enough of lying on the beach with a cocktail, you can make your way into town, to dine on fresh seafood and pick up some holiday souvenirs. Take in the warm, colourful sight of the sunset from the Barbados Boardwalk. If you want a happy combination of relaxation and adventure, then you could opt for a couples surfing lesson, or set off into the azure ocean and dive into the temperate waters on a scuba diving trip.

Alaska: The adventurous romantic

Chilling out on a Caribbean beach might be some people’s idea of the dream romantic getaway, but not for our adventurous romantics. If you’re someone who seeks out the wild unknown, looking for adventures in landscapes completely different from anything you’re used to, then Alaska is the perfect destination. The rugged state of Alaska is home to a rolling mountainous landscape, where bears, moose, caribou and bison roam. You can go on bear watching trips, or can take to the water, looking for whales and porpoises. After a long day exploring, there is nothing more romantic then settling down in a cosy café or bar, by a roaring fire, with hot drink in hand. As a part of the cruise, you will sail past the Hubbard Glacier, at 350ft tall and 76 miles long, this is one of the most incredible sights in the world. As well as this iconic glacier, you will also cruise through the fjords of the Inside Passage. In Alaska, it doesn’t matter if it’s a day at sea, or one where you are exploring The Last Frontier, there are always exciting adventures to be had.
Do you think one of these destinations matches your romantic personality? Find your perfect holiday destination and sail into your own love story.

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