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Monkeys In Asia

By HarryTuesday 27th December 2016

Southeast Asia is the ideal place for you and the family to monkey around! We’ll give you a few tips and tricks about where to find some monkey friends whilst you soak up your surroundings in Singapore, enhance your palate in Penang, and explore even further afield. Take yourself on an adventure to warmer climes, unspoilt beaches and turquoise seas onboard Royal Caribbean.




Average Temperature:  27° C



Singapore is bursting with stunning botanic gardens and pristine beaches. It’s Malaysian, Chinese and Indian-influenced cuisine is a feast for the senses, drawing a lot of people to the island city-state. Stop by Singapore Zoo, and visit a family of Proboscis Monkeys. Your visit is guaranteed to be a fun-filled day out, with plenty of activities available for families of all ages and sizes. If that doesn’t give you your fill of wildlife, take a trip to the exotic Jurong Bird Park to spot toucans, pelicans, eagles and parrots. Alternatively, the temple in Singapore’s Chinatown is said to house one of the Buddha’s teeth - an unmissable opportunity.


Many places of worship in Singapore require you to respect a dress code. Remember to bring something with you to cover your legs and shoulders.



Average Temperature:  28° C

If you fancy marvelling at the unusual Batu Caves (be warned: it’s a steep ascent of approximately 300 steps), you’ll be blown away by the huge statues of Hindu deities. Be sure to remember your camera and prepare for stunning views of the surrounding area with your new monkey friends, who are bound to make an appearance. If you want to go back home with a handful of souvenirs, then Kuala Lumpur is the place to visit – this is just under an hour from Port Klang by car. Here you can shop for everything, from luxury designer goods to local handicrafts, as well as sampling mouth-watering Malay, Chinese and Indian delicacies in the local markets, food stalls and restaurants.



Average Temperature:  28° C



Discover George Town’s heritage and culture on a cycling tour of the city, easily covered in a day if you’re a cycling enthusiast. If you’re feeling particularly active, take the steps to the amazing Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery for some outstanding views of Penang. The quirky temple was built in the 1950’s and contains over 10,000 miniature gold Buddha statues, as well as an exquisite nine-storey pagoda.
Similarly beautiful are the Penang Botanical Gardens; a lush tropical paradise that is home to a troop of macaque monkeys. It’s been said that the gardens are serene enough to meditate in, so it’s the perfect place to visit if you need some down time. Learn to cook local dishes at the exotic Tropical Spice Garden with its hundreds of edible herbs and spices, or visit the Penang Tropical Butterfly Farm to see thousands of gorgeous butterflies. Don’t forget Penang’s street food and lovely beaches, too.


  • Do not feed the monkeys. Some can be aggressive and there is a monetary fine.
  • If you come across a monkey on your travels, be calm and do not make eye contact, or intimidate it in any way.
  • The monkeys are wild animals and should not be approached. Be sure to keep your belongings safe, as some are brave enough to approach humans and have been known to snatch items!



Average Temperature: 29° C

The Giant Eagle Statue in Eagle Square, on the island of Langkawi, makes for the perfect holiday photograph souvenir. The jaw-dropping sculpture towers over a two-storey duty-free shopping complex and square, best known for its restaurants and bars. The island is surrounded by turquoise seas, colourful coral reefs, and coconut palm beaches. You’ll be amazed by the magnificent views of rainforests, waterfalls and islands from the Langkawi Sky Bridge and the Langkawi Cable Car – look out for more macaque monkeys, which are grey and brown in colour. Having learned that tourists generally carry food with them, they can be a bit of a nuisance! There are also dusky leaf monkeys, with black and white faces, who are generally shy and will not bother you if they are left alone.



Average Temperature:  29° C



Phuket is truly idyllic, with its unspoiled beaches and clear turquoise waters, which make for perfect swimming, sailing, diving, and snorkelling. Explore enchanting Phi Phi Island by boat, discovering exciting sea caves by canoe. Stop over at Wat Chalong, the largest Buddhist Temple on Phuket Island, or trek to the hilltop Big Buddha, the island’s signature landmark which sits 400m above sea level, for some breath-taking views and photo opportunities. If you’ve got enough energy after your adventure through Asia, visitors can climb the Phuket Mountain Range, giving panoramic views of Phuket town (taxis are always available for you if you’re not prepared for a hike!).

ItinerarySingapore→ Port Klang,Malaysia →Penang, Malaysia→ Langkawi, Malaysia →Phuket, Thailand→ Phuket, Thailand→ Singapore


How do you feel about an adventure around Asia? Your monkey companions are waiting for you!

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