3 Top Tips for your Summer Alaska Cruise


We’ve all been there. Thought about booking a holiday and then plumped for a destination we’ve been to before, because we know what to pack and what to expect. But, there’s much more to summer holidays than sandy beaches and Alaska has the best of it. Here are our top tips for making the most of an Alaska Cruise.

1)      What do I pack?

This all depends on how you plan to spend your time. If you’ll be sitting on deck, gazing at glaciers, then you’ll want to wear a warm jacket and some thick socks. We also provide blankets on board so you can cosy up under the stars. Otherwise, it’s best to pack layers so you can peel off clothing in warmer weather or layer-up if the temperature drops. Jumpers, long-sleeved tops and a water-proof jacket are good items to pack. If you’re planning a wildlife excursion then comfortable walking shoes are a must. Remember to pack your binoculars to spot grizzly bears, whales and Alaskan wildlife.

2)      When is the best time to go?

Summer (June, July and August) is an ideal time to sail to Alaska. This is because the sun doesn’t set, so you can enjoy light skies and lovely long days. “But, Alaska is near the North Pole, so it’ll be cold right?” Not necessarily. These are also the warmest months of the year. In Southern Alaska, where our ships sail, you can expect temperatures ranging from 40-60°F (6-16°C). Alaska doesn’t really experience a spring because ‘breakup’ (when the snow melts) starts in May and flowers bloom in summer (June).

The salmon run in Alaska also happens in the summer months so if you enjoy a spot of fishing then you’ll want to see this for sure! Each year, swarms of salmon leave the salty ocean waters and head to river beds to spawn. After spawning, most die and the life cycle starts again, so this is your chance for the catch of the day.

If you’re a nature-lover then you can spot diverse marine life and bears all in one day when you book one of our shore excursions like the Whales, Wildlife and Brown Bear Search.

3)      How do I make the best of my time onboard?

If the temperature drops, why not warm up in one of the pool deck whirlpools? You’ll be able to enjoy stunning sea views in midnight sun while soothing your muscles after a fun-packed day. Our ship Radiance of the Seas has floor-to-ceiling windows so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to gaze out at a snow-capped mountain backdrop. This ship also has the highest number of outside staterooms in our fleet so you can take in the spectacular views from the comfort of your room. Our recently renewed Rhapsody of the Seas ship offers the same amazing views, which you can watch from Latte-tudes café as you sip a hot chocolate or coffee.

Find out more on our Alaska cruise. Been before? What’s your top tip?